“Acting for sustainable mobility in developing cities”

CODATU is an association serving sustainable urban mobility in developing countries. The implementation of sustainable urban mobility policies is a major response to economic, social and environmental challenges in developing countries. CODATU supports urban transport projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, by conducting training, animation and scientific exchanges, and technical cooperation.

CODATU acts through an international multi-stakeholder network that brings together local authorities, engineering companies, operators, manufacturers, universities and research institutes, professionals and consultants.

The CODATU Toolbox:

  • A bi-annual international conference that brings together for three days the urban transport ecosystem (researchers, industrialists, consultants, local authorities, etc.) around a scientific and technical program;
  • Technical cooperation with the support of the French Development Agency (AFD) in India, Tunisia, Egypt, Brazil, and Peru;
  • Decentralized cooperation between Grenoble and Sfax, Strasbourg and Kairouan, Lyon with Ouagadougou and Rabat;
  • Urban Mobility Forum organized in partnership with local authorities in Tunis, Rabat, Amman and Cairo, to reflect on the issues of urban mobility planning and organization at the local and national levels;
  • Car-free Days organized in Kochi (India) and Tunis (Tunisia) to promote the idea of ​​a city freed from the car;
  • Training sessions to support capacity building in local authorities and cities in developing countries;
  • Publications produced with the contribution of members and partners of the association.
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